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Looking out over Pemba island

Pemba island

The northern island of Zanzibar offers a wild and sensual experience for the traveller who dares

Top 10 scandalous Swahili slip-ups

Communication breakdowns

If you are easily offended, look away - but this is the definitive guide to avoiding the worst Swahili language blunders

Choose your own adventure

Baobab at Mvuleni village, Zanzibar

Don't just hurtle between tourist hotspots in Zanzibar - go slow and visit the places and spaces in between, where the real island magic dwells

Local Hero: Farid Hamid

Farid Hamid of FAZACH
An activist with a passion for the restoration of his culture and heritage, Farid Hamid has a mission to get Swahili hands dirty and clean up the island

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